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The 2021 National Gathering

On July 23, thousands gathered at the geographic center of the nation, north of Lebanon, Kansas. The local area responded graciously, creating space for the gathering. Those present prayed for six hours, conducting a Solemn Assembly on behalf of the nation.

Douglas Small, the visionary for the event, noted, “We chose not to go to Washington, but to the wilderness, to repent, to pray for the nation.” The site was not convenient to any airport or large city. The thousands who came did so at great sacrifice. Longing for a national spiritual awakening.

Pray America! Pray!

Bishop Garry Bryant was a key participant in the event and managed the logistics for the event with an able team. Church leaders, laity, men, women, boys, and girls participated. One of the highlights was reading the ‘God-language’ of State Constitutions. The purpose was to reach for our roots, our pre-Constitution, and Declaration of Independence roots, and appeal to the ancient covenants made by the first settlers. Watch highlights below:

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America is in trouble WITH GOD

The event was Livestreamed to an estimated 12 million viewers. CBN News covered the event. Daystar supported it. CTN sent a satellite dish and covered portions of the event. Integrity TV, a new Christian television ministry, covered the entire event. Victory News went to the event live several times during the day and did a live feature in the middle of the broadcast to their global audience

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