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History of the movement

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Nationwide Prayer Meetings

Virtual Prayer Meetings

On December 31, Dr. P. Douglas Small, President of Project Pray, a member of the National Prayer Committee, reached out to national prayer and denominational leaders regarding the condition of the nation. The matter was considered at the annual meeting of the National Prayer Committee, presented by Dave Butts, chair and advisor to the National Day of Prayer Committee.

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Prayer at the Heart

In July, a massive, national effort was launched to call the nation to prayer. From July 5 through July 31, daily national prayer calls connected the nation in prayer. People across the nation joined in to pray for national revival and spiritual awakening, from the early morning, until late into the night. Tearful, desperate, prayer, first from one side of the nation and then to the other.

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2021 National Gathering

On July 23, thousands gathered at the geographic center of the nation, north of Lebanon, Kansas. The local area responded graciously, creating space for the gathering. Those present prayed for six hours, conducting a Solemn Assembly on behalf of the nation. The thousands who came did so at great sacrifice. Longing for a national spiritual awakening.

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A Broken and a Contrite Heart

The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; A broken and a contrite heart, O God, You will not despise.

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