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Our partners


Project Pray is a prayer mobilization and training ministry led by Dr. P. Douglas Small. The ministry has conducted Schools of Prayer across the nation and around the world, impacting more than a hundred nations. Its publishing arm, Alive Publications, serves the ministry and has produced almost twenty books on prayer-related resources. Its most popular school, Transforming Your Personal Prayer Life, has attracted more than 50,000 people.

The ministry is now transitioning to virtual training in the creation of the Project Pray Learning Center. The PPLC will offer hundreds of resources for personal prayer, pastors, and prayer leaders. Short videos, PDFs, PowerPoint files will be available for download. All the ministry’s White Papers will be available for download. An uncommon link center will allow web surfers to connect with hundreds of other prayer ministries around the world.

Recently, Project Pray trained 40 Senior Level Coaches for one denomination, a six-month training regimen. That training will soon be available widely, along with other Coaching certification tracks.

Host Cities
and Churches

Coming soon... the NAME and LOCATION OF THE CHURCH, their Website, the name of the pastor, the COORDINATOR … Email address and phone numbers will be available soon.

The Prayer and Crisis
Referral Line

The Prayer and Crisis Referral Line, directed by Linda Morrison last year fielded over 750,000 calls or text messages from people requesting prayer. Trained volunteers across the nation respond to the calls and pray with those requesting prayer. Incredible stories of transformed lives have emerged from this ministry. The ministry served as the call center for The War Room and other similar films. It partners with His Radio, Joy FM, and other Christian radio networks. It is the partner to Project Pray and its HOPE-line. Call 855-514-HOPE (4673) to have someone pray for you or with you. Last year, almost 25,000 people called this number and gave their hearts to Christ.

The World
School of Prayer

The World School of Prayer is led by Presbyterian pastor Dr. Nam Soo Choi of Seoul, South Korea. The school has been offered, over the past decade, in 104 nations. And now, the effort is coming to the United States with a fresh new emphasis. Dr. Choi’s book, The World School of Prayer, will be released in English on June 1. In each nation where the World School of Prayer operates, the goal is to establish an intercessory network of at least 7,000 intercessors. In the Biblical narrative, this references the seven thousand who did not bow their knee to Baal. And the goal in each nation is to see that nation experience a spiritual awakening.

Schools have been conducted in the United Kingdom, including one at Westminster Abby. And here in the United States, Dr. Choi has presented his material and led prayer at Azusa Pacific University and Wheaton.


What does God see when He sees your city? The Rooftop Encounter is based on Peter’s experience in Acts 10. Be part of it, visit therooftop.org or contact our North American Pioneer, John Whaley

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