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Every Church Can Participate

Announce your open doors across the city

As you know, most churches are closed during the week. Jesus wanted his church to be “a house of prayer for the nations.”

This is your event

There is no requirement to promote a brand. You may find that a connection with America’s Prayer Meeting effort, an initiative of Project Prayer, is helpful to demonstrate that you are a part of an effort far beyond your local congregation and area. And that is deeply appreciated by the Project Pray team. You will be joining thousands of other churches, hopefully, many in your community, in this effort.

We hope you will register your participation

It’s simple

Just open the doors of the church, and invite the people to pray. No speaker. No program. Just prayer. Encourage them to stop by on their way to work – and pray. To fast lunch – and come to the church, and pray. To drop by the church on their way home from work – and prayer. Invite the men to come and pray. The women. Teens. And the children. Put scriptures on the screen. Play soft music. Most of all, let the people pray.


Let them kneel. Let them tarry at the altar. Sit quietly in the pews. Walk. Stand. Give them a chance to talk to God, and most importantly, to hear what he has to say. Create a means for them to record their impressions, a kind of corporate journal of the prayer experience.