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Journey to the Heart of the Nation

This was the most aggressive prayer trek in the history of the nation. Almost 25,000 prayer miles by hundreds of intercessors. They were a team of Paul Revere’s, sounding the shofar, attempting to awaken the nation.

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Prayer Mobilization Teams, state and local, were deployed from 8 corners of America and met with thousands under the tent.


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The teams journeyed to the center of the nation with simultaneous prayer-treks covering almost 25,000 miles


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Others viewed the event on Christian television or social media. The greatest prayer effort of its kind in the history of the nation

In July, a massive, national effort was launched to call the nation to prayer.

From July 5 through July 31, daily national prayer calls connected the nation in prayer. People across the nation joined in to pray for national revival and spiritual awakening, from the early morning, until late into the night. Tearful, desperate, prayer, first from one side of the nation and then to the other. A prayer guide was distributed throughout the nation.

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In mid-July, prayer teams assembled at the nation’s four corners, and to the north, and the south, the east and west, surrounding the nation and praying their way through the backroads of America, on their way to the geographic center of the nation. These eight teams followed carefully planned routes, with planned prayer rallies along the way, caravanning toward the prayer gathering in Lebanon, Kansas. Click here to view Proclamation (PDF)

They contacted believers in the cities on their routes and planned brief prayer rallies at every stop possible. In some cases, hundreds gathered. In other cases, city leaders not on the route, due to time constraints, contacted the teams and begged for the teams to come to their city and offer prayer. In each of the hundreds of cities where the teams stopped to consecrate the land, they engaged in symbolic action – pouring out oil and wine, salt and water, and driving stakes. And, of course, praying and proclaiming.

Driving Stakes

Prayer at the Heart is a movement designed to invigorate the Church through united prayer with a focus on a national spiritual awakening measured by an explosion of conversions - a tithe, 10 percent of the population encountering Jesus Christ.

Blowing Trumpets

The war against Biblical values has silenced many believers and pressed far too many to compromise on issues of conscience. Now, it should be clear. Further compromise will not bend us, it will break us, making us less than the Biblical Christians we are called to be. We need God’s intervention.

From Coast to Coast

We need God’s intervention. We must break our silence, and that begins with our united voices, crying out to God, together, in public. Based on scriptural promises, inviting God to intervene with a spiritual awakening. Christians must humbly, but boldly, engage the nation with the good news. We begin, by acting, not reacting, with a prayer movement, that cares, and dares to share Jesus openly, unashamedly, yet with love and joy. This movement must reach every state, county, and city or town. Prayer-at-the-heart of every Christian, congregation, home, neighborhood, business, city, county, state – and the nation. But now, Lord, what do I look for? My hope is in you. Psalm 39:7

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