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Korean Prayer Teams

Dr. Nam Soo Choi, a South Korean Presbyterian pastor, leads the World School of Prayer effort around the world, now in more than 100 nations.

South Korea Prayer Teams

Millions have attended these schools, and prayer teams from South Korea have trekked around the world, sacrificing to offer prayer for the nations. This is Dr. Choi’s passion, nation-change, national revivals. In Benin, Africa, a nation noted for its spiritual darkness, the President invited him to his office for prayer for the nation. The team conducted a School of Prayer and assisted in creating a national prayer center aimed at spiritual awakening. In the Dominican Republic, a national School of Prayer was conducted in the year before the Haiti earthquake.

World School of Prayer effort around the world

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Schools of Prayer have been conducted at Westminster Abby, 24  and in America, at Wheaton and Azusa Pacific. Over 32 nations in Africa, the emerging continent, have conducted Schools of Prayer. In some churches, cities, and nations, there have been dramatic results.

On Tuesday, May 31, hundreds of intercessors from South Korea will arrive in US cities, from Seattle to Miami, and Maine to Los Angeles. The teams will be scattered across the nation.

On June 1 – 5, as churches across the nation open their doors for prayer, these intercessory teams will pray in host churches and cities. They will pray morning, afternoon, and evening. In some locations, Livestreams of the prayer will be available. Contact that host church and coordinator for specific information regarding the prayer schedule at any location.

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